Master Teacher Award 2022

Elsevier, the world's leading health science information provider, is pleased to partner with the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools (ABHES), to present the eighteenth annual Master Teacher Award!

The Master Teacher Award recognizes the work of an outstanding allied health faculty member who shows exceptional skill, innovation, and effectiveness in regard to promoting student learning, professionalism and self-confidence.

Examples of suitable areas of innovation include, but are not limited to:
  • Active teaching methods to engage learners
  • Successful practices for positively impacting student retention
  • Innovative integration of clinical experiences
  • Unique use of multimedia, technology, e-learning tools, or simulations
  • Innovative educational strategies for instilling soft skills, such as professionalism, in students
One winning entry will be selected by representatives from Elsevier and ABHES. The recipient of the Master Teacher Award 2022 will attend the 18th Annual National Conference on Allied Health Education at the Roosevelt New Orleans located in New Orleans, Louisiana, on March 9 -10, 2022 as a guest* of Elsevier and ABHES. The winner will present his or her winning practice to attendees during the Awards Ceremony. In addition, the recipient will receive a $500 cash prize.
*Includes conference registration fee, airfare, and hotel.

Eligibility Criteria
  • Full- or part-time teachers in health careers programs at ABHES-accredited schools are eligible for the Master Teacher Award.
  • Teachers may be nominated by the School Director, Director of Education, or Program Director.
  • By submitting a best practice idea, the school, administrator, and teacher agree to allow Elsevier and ABHES to publish the entries to share the practice with other health careers educators.
  • The winner agrees to attend the 2022 National Conference andpresent the winning practice to conference attendees as specified above. 
Submission Guidelines
Entries should be submitted using the entry form on the right.
Entries are limited to one nomination per school campus. Schools exceeding four or more campuses will be limited to three nominations.
Entries must be received by December 3, 2021.
The 2022 Master Teacher Award winner will be notified by January 5, 2022.
Please contact Lauren Kemp at [email protected] or (314) 447- 8339.